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Service Agreement sounds so formal, but this document is probably one of the most important forms you will use. You and your client should know what to expect. Therefore, the value of the time you invest in creating this agreement is immeasurable. However, why try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the experiences and successes of others in your profession.

Your service agreement establishes costs, expectations, and so much more. It is also a living breathing document. For example, you will add things and remove thing based on business experiences and changes in laws or rules. Most importantly, your client will know they are dealing with a professional investigative agency.

The service agreement sample I have provided here is for educational purposes only. That is to say, this document, and this podcast episode, should not be considered legal advice. I highly recommend you consult with a competent attorney to verify the information provided in this document meets the needs of your organization. You need to ensure your service agreement meets the standards established through the laws and rules regulating your business in your locale.

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Agreement for Investigative Services – SAMPLE

If you would like an MS Word version of the Agreement for Investigative Services, please let me know. Add a comment below asking for the form in Word format and be sure to include your email address. If providing you with the service agreement in a way that empowers you to more easily cut and paste the information onto your letterhead or to edit the form to comply with your local rules and laws, I am happy to do so.

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