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Are you thinking about a career as an investigator? Clearly, you are. You’re reading this article. Therefore, I want you to know how you see yourself matters! Ask yourself these questions. First, What does this career mean to you? Second, will this be your profession or something you do on the side? Lastly, do I someday want to own my own investigative agency?

I have had an enriching investigative career and I want the same for you. Therefore, it’s important you ask the questions listed above. When you become an investigator, you will be a part of an extraordinary group of people. Professional Investigations is a career that is both challenging and rewarding.

Words Matter

A great start will be to refer to yourself and your new career correctly. Some investigators call themselves private investigators. Others (myself included) prefer to say, professional investigator. Luckily “PI” works for both references.

You have to think about the difference between the two. Many people see the “private investigator” in a poor light. They imagine someone who has not bathed in several days, is living out of their car while taking pictures of cheating spouses. Unfortunately, this is how “private investigators” are often portrayed during conversations, and sometimes on television or in the movies.

I know what you’re thinking. At least, I hope I know what you’re thinking. That’s not how you imagined yourself looking. What image popped into your mind? I wonder if you pictured someone from NCIS, Magnum PI, or perhaps Jim Rockford of the Rockford Files? (Oops, I may be dating myself with those last two.) You see, you visualized the “professional investigator.”

One thing you will learn quickly is that the way you see things has a direct impact on the final result. The same is correct about how you think about and see yourself. I urge you to consider referring to your new career as being a “professional investigator.” After all, you are a professional who investigates situations or people for a living.

The dictionary defines a profession as a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation. It also defines private investigator as a person who is licensed to do detective work.

I challenge you to separate yourself from the crowd and influence the way other people see you. Don’t refer to yourself as a private eye, private detective, and so on. Professional investigations is more than just an industry. It is a profession. In fact, we are a profession dedicated to zealously serving our clients in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Remember, words matter! I know you are excited about this new career. I’m also confident you want to be THE professional investigator. The choice is yours.